How to Validate Multiple Email Addresses

Published: 01 Oct 2021 Updated: 02 Oct 2021 Category: Email Marketing

Validate multiple email addresses is an essential part of business, and that includes email marketing. Suppose you are sending out emails to your customers or other people in need of information. In that case, you want to ensure that the email address they give is correct.


validate multiple email addresses


Validation ensures that there are no typos in their address if, for example, they type [email protected] instead of [email protected] (or any other variation). The validation process also helps protect against spam because it confirms the person actually owns the account associated with the given email address.


Best Ways To Validate Multiple Email Addresses


There are many reasons to validate bulk email addresses. For example, suppose you have a program where users can register with their own email address.


In that case, you probably want them to be able to reset the password for that account using another email. 


There are lots of ways doing this, so let's look at some common ones: 


Using Custom Validation Rule Python: You can use python readymade library or your own code. You can easily get built in library from PyPI


This solution works great if your application is built with your own code or mix of libraries. Still, there are many other scenarios where you probably don't have access to the source code of an existing project.


This alternative solution might be better in that case:


Using Regular Expression(Regex): You can validate multiple email addresses by checking whether user input matches a given regular expression pattern.


Python Regular Expression


Then, if they match this rule, their submitted value will contain more than one valid email separated by at least one space character (e.g., [email protected] dot com).


As you can see, the best way is using a built in package, if you are a python pro developer. Import a package in your environment and use it as an expert. This method will help you validate with not only regular expression but also Mx Records, Domain Status, And Disposable detection. Since this is not a simple or easy way for everyone, we recommend some web based services that are developed by experts such as FET bulk email validation service.


Top 10 Bulk Email Validation Service Provider


The following email validation and verification services can be used by developers, marketers, and website owners to verify the integrity of their mailing lists:




ZeroBounce is a great tool that can be used for bulk email validation and verification. It allows you to check your mailing list's quality, identify valid or invalid emails on it. Monitor how many are bouncing back, discover whether they are spam traps, etc. All in one place!


ZeroBounce is a highly reliable bulk email verification and validation service allowing to quickly verify the following:

  • Emails are not on any blacklists or spam traps.

  • Emails do not bounce, which means that it is possible to deliver messages with such headers as "Received," "Returned-" etc. Read How To Check Bounce Email: 7 New Ways You Should Know

  • The sender's IP address does not belong to the dynamic pool.

  • Information on whether or not an email is valid.

  • Sender's IP address geolocation (country code, region name) for those who verify their own mailing lists.


Headers of returned messages if they exist. Our system does not allow us to deliver spam. So you can be sure that our reports will help improve your sending strategy and avoid unnecessary expenses on emails. That won't reach inboxes or get blocked by ISPs.




The EmailChecker service will analyze your lists with an accuracy rate of more than 99%. You get reports about all valid/invalid emails found along with their location (domain) information.


This way, you ensure that no spam trap has snuck into your database because this email address does not exist anymore at its original domain name.




DeBounce is the best Bulk Email Verification and Validation Services that you can choose. It is very easy to use, with no technical knowledge needed. They offer great prices on high-quality service with fantastic support teams all over the world!


DeBounce also provides bulk email list-building services. You can create your own lists of emails for future campaigns or competitions within minutes without any extra effort from your side.


You just need an internet connection. Sometimes, they do everything else, so it's a super inexpensive way to promote yourself online.


DeBounce has a lot of advanced features like Auto Responders, Mail Merge Templates, etc. 


All these tools are simple but really powerful in one place! Try their free trial plan now and see it yourself.


DeBounce is the best choice for bulk email verifications and validations. They can help you achieve your business goals by making sure that your emails are delivered successfully.


Don't wait any longer; go on their website now!




With MyEmailVerifier, you can verify email with an accuracy rate of more than 99%. You get reports about all valid/invalid emails found along with their location (domain) information.


This way, you ensure that no spam trap has snuck into your database because this email address does not exist anymore at its original domain name.




NeverBounce is an email verification service that helps website owners check if their list of emails is valid.


They are one of the leading Bulk Email Verification and Validation Services on the market, with many satisfied customers around the globe.


They have a long list of clients, including governments and corporations in over 60 countries.


The team behind NeverBounce is made up of professionals with decades worth of experience.


They have worked for companies such as Google and Facebook. So they know exactly what it takes to provide the highest quality services available on the market today.


NeverBounce has been running since 2001 when email verification was still in its infancy stage due to their hard work and dedication.




Email is a cloud-based email validation tool that can verify emails before they are sent out for marketing campaigns. It can check if an address is valid or not just by entering it into their search box.


Bouncers also offer bulk verification, for example, for newsletters and updates, where you need to make sure that all your subscribers are still active.


This way, people will know exactly who wants information from them rather than spamming everyone with unwanted material.


The service integrates well with other services such as Mailchimp, Pardot & GetResponse. These are allowing you to keep engagement levels high across multiple platforms without much work on your end!




When it comes to bulk email verification, Xverify is the very best. Their service is free for up to 3000 emails. However, if you have a more extensive list, then their paid plans are also highly affordable.


They offer both mobile and web versions of their software which allows people with multiple devices or staff members access to check addresses without downloading anything special.




Verifalia is a cloud-based solution that helps companies to manage their email lists by removing invalid contacts. It's very easy to use, and it doesn't require any download or installation.


One of the features that make Verifalia different from other solutions is its CSV editor. You can use this feature to check and manage your email lists by removing contacts with invalid emails, duplicates, or suspicious domains.


This list manager also offers a handy data analyzer that will show you what's missing in your contact records.




Mailgun is a popular email sending service available in the market to send transactional emails. Mailgun is also known as bulk or marketing emails sent to their mailing list subscribers on behalf of customers.


It helps you to drive engagement and increase sales by delivering targeted messages with high deliverability rates.


Mailgun allows its users to verify whether an email address exists or not before actually adding them into your database/mailing lists. There will be no waste of time at a later stage when they try running campaigns using these contacts.


Mailgun provides various options for verifying multiple domains like webhooks (status checks), SMTP, DNS records, etc., depending upon your requirement and ease-of-use needs.


The status check option enables you to validate email addresses by sending a verification email to the user and using callback URLs or webhooks to verify their status.


It also provides free DNS-based email validation using TXT records. So that you can verify whether an email address is valid without actually adding it into your database/mailing lists from scratch. Which results in substantial time savings and cost reductions.


Email address validation test cases


It's also essential to ensure that our form, registration, and contact us page works well. The best way is to get valid email addresses in real life before we launch it. Here are some simple test cases for a valid email address:


Email Address Validation Test Cases


A valid email address should only contain characters from alphabets a-z or 0-0o. Try not to use numbers, as most of the spamming bots use those ranges of numbers instead of letters.


Email Address needs at least one @ symbol, but preferably more than two symbols separated by dots (such as [email protected]).


If you want to accept emails with no "@" sign, then try checking if there's an. "" character after every label, e.g., [email protected] is not valid, but [email protected] or [email protected] are valid email addresses. Email addresses should be less than 256 characters long.


If you want to check for longer emails, then go ahead and use regular expressions(Regex).


Email Address needs at least one "." character! This will ensure that the inputted email follows our standard format of "name(at)domainname.tld". Instead of some other formats such as domainname-TLD/emailaddress , which looks unprofessional on an official page like ours. The email address has no more than 20 @ symbols ( double the limit against block caps)!


Block caps means using capital letters for every label at the end of emails, such as [email protected] , which can be very annoying for the person receiving that email. Email addresses should not contain any special character such as '$' or '/'.


Email Address is in "name(at)domain" format and contains only letters from a-z and 0-0o characters!


Note: There are some cases where we want to allow non-" name(at)" formats, e.g., you don't need an "@" sign if using Gmail's SMTP Authentication (more on this below).


In these scenarios, accept both name/[email protected] and [email protected].


How to valid email addresses?


The process of getting a valid email address is simple, but it's also something that many people are unsure about. When you input your email into a form on the internet (or when trying to sign up for services), sometimes you'll be asked if they can validate your account by sending an 'email validation link' or some other variation. This post will outline this procedure in detail and show how it works.


How to validate email addresses?


The most common validation technique is checking if a string has a valid email syntax. This means it must include an @ character and have a '.' between each set of characters except for the last two, which can be anything.


This regex validates that the email address has a @ character and '.' between each section. It is important to remember that there must be at least one period in an email to be syntactically correct. In addition, this technique will only validate syntax, so spammers can still send spam using fake emails validated with this method. It seems like an excellent place to stop writing...


Every section should be written as a complete sentence. This means entire sentences, proper capitalization, and punctuation. Please use either bullets or numbers to indicate the order of operations when needed. Each item in the bullet list is its own separate paragraph. 


All sections are independent of each other unless explicitly stated otherwise by your instructor/class syllabus! If you're not sure if something belongs on this page, please ask before writing so we can avoid any confusion :) Every section should be written as a complete sentence.


How do I verify multiple email addresses?


How To Validate Multiple Email Addresses


To verify multiple email addresses, please follow these steps:


Log in to your account at the bottom of the page. Click on "Account," and you will see a list of all accounts associated with this login name. Suppose there are any active services included in that account (such as hosting or shopping carts). 


In that case, they must be removed before creating new accounts under them. To remove an existing service from your current username, click on it and then press the "Delete Account" button located below each service listed: 


After removing existing services, go back to the original screen, which shows ALL ACCOUNTS for this same login name and repeats step #A above while filling out form fields with the information required by the new account(s) such as username, password, etc. 


After clicking on the "create account" button, you will be taken to the new account, which is active but not verified yet. To verify it, please follow these steps:


You have reached this blog post because you are looking for information about verifying multiple email addresses? You may also read our related article titled 


How Do I Verify My Email Address in Joomla? 


Written by one of your peers here at The Joomla! Extension Directory (JED). That's all fine and good... but what if that isn't enough, or what if you still need more help after reading that article? Well, then keep calm and carry on with reading this blog post - just kidding :) Of course, we've got you covered! There are two options to verify your email address:


Please make sure you complete at least one of the required fields.


You should receive a confirmation message like this: "Thank you for verifying your account" and an option to log in to start using our platform. If that is not what appears after following these steps, please carefully check all form field information you provided while creating new accounts. It must be exactly right, or verification might fail. 


In case if everything seems fine, but still no such thing as a "thank-you" page appears, we recommend checking browser extensions installed within Google Chrome.


Conclusion :


If you're looking for a way to validate multiple email addresses, here's how we do it at MailChimp. Hopefully, this guide will help you to improve your email marketing efforts and save some time in the process! 



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