Frequently Asked Questions

Email address validation is a process for verifying an email address is exists or not. You can say that it is a system of checking if the email address is deliverable.

A valid email address is a deliverable email address without any risk and maintains a good reputation. On the other hand, an invalid email address does not exist or is fake. Or it may exist but risky, such as a temporary email address.

First, our system checks if an email address has good syntax/format. Then checks the MX record to ensure that the email user is valid/active. At the end, it checks domain status if the host is trustable and exists.

A risky or disposable email address is a temporary email address with a short lifetime and low label trust score.

Yes, We do offer free credits for a lifetime.

No. After purchasing a paid plan, your profile will update as a premium member. And free credit won't be available until you back to a normal user.

Yes, Definitely. You have signup with all of your valid information to use our services.

Yes, Definitely. You have signup with all of your valid billing information to use our services.

Yes! You can change your plan within 72 hrs after purchase.

Our validation tool provides 99% accuracy for all the packages or plans.

1 credit is equivalent to 1 email validation. That means you will cost 1 credit to validate 1 email.

Yes! We offer 7 days money back guaranty but conditions apply. If you have used 5000 credits then we do not offer a refund/cancel. Please read our privacy policy to learn more.