Frequently Asked Questions

Email address validation is a process for verifying an email address is exists or not. You can say that it is a system of checking if the email address is deliverable.

A valid email address is a deliverable email address without any risk and maintains a good reputation. On the other hand, an invalid email address does not exist or is fake. Or it may exist but risky, such as a temporary email address.

First, our system checks if an email address has good syntax/format. Then checks the MX record to ensure that the email user is valid/active. At the end, it checks domain status if the host is trustable and exists.

A risky or disposable email address is a temporary email address with a short lifetime and low label trust score.

Yes, We do offer free credits for a lifetime.

Actually, we don't have any paid plan right now. We are developing our service, and you can enjoy our service for free. Obviously, you can buy a coffee for the developer here.

Yes, Definitely. You have signup with all of your valid information to use our services.

Our validation tool provides 99% accuracy.

1 credit is equivalent to 1 email validation. That means you will cost 1 credit to validate 1 email.